Warning: Dangerously Enhanced
Performance Ahead

Let me share a harsh truth with you…

rugby-strength-coach-running-player-imgIf you’re a rugby player and you aren’t doing everything you can in your training to get as big as possible, as fast as possible, as strong as possible and as fit as possible, you will get left behind by the competition. Even if you’re a weekend warrior or amateur player. The game has changed that much.

But with so many conflicting sources of information, learning how to train effectively for rugby remains an utter mystery for the average player. An even once you’ve successfully sifted through all the bullshit information, you actually have to design your program. Exercise selection, reps, sets, rest periods, training frequency, recovery, nutrition and supplementation all have to be considered, monitored and adjusted.

If that sounds tough, that’s because it is. That’s why I’ve developed my online coaching programme for players just like you- for players who don’t want to waste anymore time, effort and money listening to unqualified coaches, selling unproven and unscientific training information. If you want a scientifically designed, 100% individualised programme that is proven at the highest level of rugby on the planet, you came to the right place.

When you become an online coaching client of Rugby Strength Coach, I provide you with all the programming, information and support you need to take your rugby performance to the next level. And it comes with my personal guarantee:

if you aren’t completely satisfied with your results at the end of your program, you get every penny back and I’ll train you for free until you are. I’m that confident in the quality of my online coaching. However please note that this program is not for everyone. There are no magical pills, potions or get-ripped-overnight schemes here, just intelligent training, smart nutrition and hard work.

Please only apply if you are:

  • Highly motivated
  • Accountable
  • Able to follow instructions to to the letter
  • Psychologically, physically and financially committed to being the best rugby player you can be

This programme is not for:

  • Bullshitters
  • Timewasters
  • Procrastinators
  • Cheapskates

What the online coaching programme will do for you:

Add lean muscle mass to your frame

Shed unwanted body fat


Build explosive speed, strength and power

Improve rugby
specific stamina and endurance

Reduce your risk of niggling and career threatening injuries

Develop healthy, mobile, pain-free joints

Here’s how it works:

rugby-strength-coach-player-rest-imgWhen you become a member of the online coaching programme, we begin with an in depth consultation process in which we discuss your goals and establish a plan of attack. I then get to work designing your bespoke program according to your training likes and dislikes, training and injury history, individual strengths and weaknesses, positional needs and
current playing and work schedule.

The programme arrives in your inbox in convenient PDF format, complete with Youtube links to instructional videos for every single exercise you’ll be doing. Before you start the programme we’ll catch up to answer any questions you have, make any modifications if required, and then you are ready to begin training.

Once you are up to speed and start training we have a weekly conversation to discuss your progress and adjust your program for optimal progress. Throughout the duration of your program you can rely upon unlimited 24/7 consultation with me. If you have a question or you just need some support, motivation or a kick up the arse I am always on hand via email, phone and social medial. Just contact me and I’ll get back to you straight away- unless you’re in a completely different time zone I always reply within the hour.

Your program is completely straight forward and contains detailed prescriptions recommendations for all aspects of the training you need to dramatically enhance your performance:


Soft tissue work

Mobility and flexibility drills

Injury prevention exercises

Speed and agility work

Rugby specific
plyometric progressions

Strength training

Explosive power development

Muscle mass development

Position specific conditioning

Real world tested:

I developed my system of rugby preparation over the course of a decade, through years of undergraduate and post graduate study, and my own countless hours of research, training and experimentation. But the methods and techniques used in the Rugby Strength Coach Online Coaching program aren’t just proven in the science lab, they are real world tested at the highest level of world rugby. These are the same principles and techniques I have used when I work with top teams like


Los Pumas Argentina


Sydney Roosters NRL


London Wasps


Rotherham Titans

Rugby Strength Coach Successes:

As a member of the Rugby Strength Coach Online Coaching programme you’ll join a long list of satisfied clients and players who I have personally worked with. They include world cup winners and finalists, 50 cap internationals, professional players, and successful youth and amateur players. You can read about just a few of their experiences of working with me below:


Manuel Carizza
Los Pumas Argentina

I met Keir when he joined the Pumas Staff just before the 2013 rugby championship. We all felt straight away that he was someone who knew what he was talking about, his rapport was awesome, and he has a clear vision of how rugby specific training should be done, which helped me a lot during pre season sessions.

During the brief time I was training separately from the rest of the team due to an injury he proposed a number of different ways for me to continue to progress and recover at the same time.

After the TRC I stayed at home training for the November tour, as Keir was traveling around the country giving clinics to other local coaches. On the occasions that we trained together, I found everything would suddenly became harder thanks to his ability to develop new exercises and tweak old ones.

I’ve had the chance to chat many times with him during camps and he’s someone with a huge knowledge and vast experience on the field. Very passionate on what he does and very easy to work with. Surprisingly he managed to learn spanish in just a couple of weeks.

I would personally recommend him for every athlete that wants to improve his potential or to any person that just wants to get leaner, bigger and stronger. Keir is the man!


Derek Asbun
USA Eagles

My time with Keir was invaluable. His scientific approach to training allowed him to effectively work with me on particular areas of strength and fitness in relation to my needs and wants. He is extremely knowledgable and always had a specific plan around each day, week and phase of the season.

What I appreciated the most was Keir’s individual attention to each athlete.
By understanding that not every rugby player is the same, he was always looking for ways to serve each athlete best rather than group everyone together in the same exercise or drill. He helped me improve in my strength and fitness at a very high level and I would recommend Keir to anyone looking to take their rugby to the next level.


Tommy Spinks
Glasgow and Scotland U20s

I was introduced to Keir as a part-time member of the London Wasps academy. It wasn’t long into my time in the academy that I began to appreciate the level of coaching and the knowledge he put into my individualised training programme.

Personally I benefitted massively from Keir’s presence. I made immediate gains in all areas through speed, weights and heavily reinforced stretch sessions not only improving my match performances but also my recovery and injury prevention which before had not been emphasises to me. Keir also gave me very clear nutritional advise helping me gain weight while maintaining my speed and body fat.

In previous training programmes I often found myself experiencing boredom and fatigue. However, Keir adapted and used different training methods to keep me and the other players motivated and interested in whatever we were doing. If this had not have been the case our progression would have been much slower, players would be less motivated and definitely not enjoyed our programmes as much as what we did.


Alex Lundberg
London Wasps, England U20s

I progressed massively over the 3 seasons under Keir. From initially working on basic biomechanical flaws and increasing my hip mobility to adding 40kgs to my trap bar deadlift over just a 6 week block, Keir addressed all aspects of my physical development. His programmes enabled me to become stronger, bigger and quicker. His advice on diet allowed me to make leans gains and lose fat. The gains I saw from training with Keir were key in allowing me to tour with England U18s a year young and represent England U20s whilst I was still a schoolboy.

Keir always went the extra mile to ensure my teammates and I could get the best training possible, whether that be staying later during the week to do extra conditioning, or organising sessions for Sunday afternoon so that we could have the appropriate rest between sessions. Not many trainers would do this. To me it demonstrates Keir’s huge dedication and passion, which is also evident in his constant evolution of his training methods so that his players are always doing sessions that are at the forefront of modern strength and conditioning. I have benefitted massively from his monitoring of heart rate as a means of improving fitness.

I would undoubtedly recommend Keir to other athletes. He is a great coach to have on board due to his passion and dedication which allows you to work as hard and effectively as you can. If it is not possible to work with him in person, I would definitely urge people to work with him online.


George Edgson
Hartpury College &
London Wasps

Keir Wenham Flatt is without doubt the most knowledgeable and talented S&C coach I have worked with. In the two and a half seasons I worked with him he managed to take me from being an overweight, un-mobile Tight Head Prop with very poor functional strength to the modern day rugby player where I can run with the elegance and stride of an Ostrich and move with balance of a cat.

He is not one to take any short cuts when it comes to getting results out of people. He knows all the ins and outs of being an S&C coach, all the small details that will eventually add up to end product. I would leave Keir’s sessions full of knowledge as to where I needed to improve and move forward.

I now have a far greater understanding of how a rugby player needs to progress their strength and conditioning and evolve as you mature. If you are fortunate enough to work with Keir you will obviously improve, but you’ll also learn what works for you and your body.


Beno Obano
London Wasps Academy,
2-time Daily Mail Cup Winner

I started working with Keir when I 14 and I am now 19. I came to Keir as a fat(ish!) centre/prop who had so many physiological issues a book could most easily be written about them. The knowledge that Keir imparted onto me was unbelievable, as was his enthusiasm for his subject. I have come across a good few strength and conditioning coaches in my time and not one is of the high standard Keir had set the bar at.

His training knowledge linked in with his understanding of rugby, both league and union provides his rugby players with the best possible chance of being the best rugby player they can possibly be. The programme we worked together on in my U18 year helped to produce some of the best performances of my career, which culminated in me being selected for England.

The information and methods I learned from Keir were great and have taught me how to train and eat well. Fortunately, I am no longer the fat-ish centre/prop, more-so the lean-ish hooker and now you can maybe write a paragraph or two on my issues, not a full book!

Thank you, Keir.


Curtis Wilson
Rotherham Titans

I have recently met Keir and my first impression of him was outstanding, straight away I knew I was in good hands! I know a bit about technique but this guy knows beyond that! Everything he has taught me regarding sprinting, lifting and healthy eating has shown that this guy knows what he is talking about! I have become so much more powerful upper body wise and lower body too, my sprint times have improved a lot and I’ve been pretty impressed about my gains.

Training with Keir has made me realise my potential of what I can achieve, whether that is knowing  the right foods to eat to gain lean muscle or the right training exercises to improve my areas that need to be worked on. Keir is really easy to work with and I have no doubts he will put 100% in everything and anything you require.

I would recommend him for absolutely anyone, he is great for identifying your strengths and weaknesses and will put together a personal programme which will benefit you 100%. If you listen to Keir throughout your time with him your goals will be achieved sooner than you know it!


Carl Kirwan
London Welsh

I worked with Keir for approximately six months at Rotherham Titans RUFC. During this time I suffered from a bulging disc in my lower back; all credit to Keir he designed an individual program specifically for me putting minimal strain on my back whilst still improving my strength and power. This enabled me to continue playing and also making gains in the gym.

Keir also introduced me to mobility circuits which I found very beneficial and complimented his programs well. Overall Keir changed my perspective on strength and conditioning with his wide range of knowledge, and the enthusiasm he has for his work.


Pale Nonu
Plymouth Albion

My experience with Keir has brought great deal of positive change for myself as a rugby player. He helped me firstly with my body composition; he introduced fortnightly skinfold tests to monitor my progress and also ensuring I was fuelling myself with the right foods with an individualised nutrition programme to help me hit my targets. The stretching and mobility exercises Keir introduced alongside our weights program helped with my agility on the pitch and lastly the speed exercises increased my speed and power output. I had always had problems with these training areas in the past however Keir helped improve and
develop them.

Keir is a very knowledgeable coach and I fully trust his programs and advice. I would highly recommend others to work with him and take on board information he publishes! I personally still continue to use a lot of training practices he introduced to me.


Flynn Sager
Rosslyn Park

Keir is an amazing coach. The improvements I made in all aspects of my S&C when trained by him were incomparable. When I first met Keir I came from an Olympic lifting background, and felt that O-lifts where essential to improve my speed and power. However with Keir’s program including no O-lifts my top end speed improved significantly, along with a huge increase in strength.

Within the first 5 weeks of pre-season I went from front squatting 120kg for 4 reps to 120kg for 12. His emphasis on improving technique, flexibility along with speed and strength not only carried over to improve me as a rugby player, but also helped me to minimise my injuries.

Keir’s approach to S&C is extremely effective, all his coaching comes from a very scientific angle. Every session was suited specifically to fit each player’s individual needs. This ensured we all got the best improvements possible. As a winger I improved my speed and agility with Keir and he helped me to develop. He has therefore made me a far more elusive and all round better player.


Geoff Griffiths
Blackheath Club

Being a professional rugby player, I take great pride in my conditioning. For the last few years I have worked extensively with Keir in the off-season to achieve and exceed my performance goals in power, strength and fitness.

He has a great love and vast knowledge of his subject area that means he is always at the cutting edge of his field and constantly bringing new ideas and training methods that keep me motivated to give my all.

Since working with Keir my explosive power, ground speed and speed endurance have all improved along with my muscular strength and body composition. I would have no hesitation in recommending Keir and Rugby Strength Coach to any amateur or
professional athlete looking to seriously improve their physical performance.


Blair Hartley
Northampton Demons RLFC

I have been going to the gym for about 6 years now, entirely on my own “programs” and I am pretty much self-taught in lifting technique and nutrition. Up until I started training with Keir, the frequency, intensity and duration of my training was varied and produced mixed results. Although I may have slowly lifted heavier and seen a couple of muscles pop out I never felt like I was truly getting stronger or achieving any of the other goals I wanted to.

I approached Keir and asked if he would produce a program that would help me gain overall strength, gain muscle mass, get leaner, all in one. He whipped up a 12 week personally engineered work out plan, paired up with a diet for the duration of the program. It didn’t take me long to feel stronger and see what the training and correct eating was doing to my body both on and off the field.

Because of Keir’s knowledge and experience in the strength and conditioning field, along with his enthusiasm and personal desire to transform individuals I would recommend him to any person who is willing to transform him or herself. I feel the program, advice and drive he gave me, set a new precedent for the way I would train and eat for the future.


Joe Smith
Ireland Amateur RL &
Northampton Demons RLFC

For the last 8 years I’ve have attended the gym quite frequently in order to keep in shape for Rugby League. But after having full ACL knee reconstruction in february 2009 I knew that was immensely out of shape compared to the players I coached in that summer season.

Over the years i had taken basic advice to keep size of lifting heavy weights/eat everything and finish off with protein shakes but because of this poor routine and poor diet I knew it would not be possible to complete 80 minutes of high intensity rugby unless I changed my ways.

I approached Keir to create me a diet program which would allow me to keep my gym strength and drop body fat. He took all my details and insisted that if i religiously stuck to what he had given me and did not cut corners i would see an end result I would be happy with. Keir’s diet and nutrition regime consisted of a 12 week plan designed to help me drop fat and educate me in eating well again. I initially hit the scales at 12st 5 and had zero aerobic stamina.

The first 4 weeks were the hardest in regards to dedication and completely changing my diet plan which included eradicating all of the crisps, chocolate and carbs I used to love. I think Keir took around 10 calls in one day as I tried to reason and question if could have a certain topping with a meal, the answer was always “No” but i appreciated his patience.

By week 8 I had dropped to 10st 8lbs but more importantly I had learned to appreciate my body especially as i began to hit my 30s. My better diet had not only assisted my aerobic endurance required for my sport but I was more alert throughout the day and also noticed an improvement in my performance at work.

I’d like to send thanks to Keir and would recommend him to anyone. I know Keir takes his work extremely seriously, and if you do what he tells you the results will follow.

After following Keir’s regimes and keeping to sensible tips in regards to nutrition and gym programs I have been recalled to the Irish Wolfhound side for their tour of the USA in March 2011. The coach who called me upon my selection mentioned that I had looked my fittest in years and I believe Keir’s help has massively contributed to this.


Dan Brotherton
Salford City Reds RL

I was been released from the Northampton Saints Academy for not being big enough and weighing a lightweight 13st 8 which doesn’t sound too bad but considering my 6ft 5 stature it’s much too light!

I wasn’t sure what benefits training with Keir would bring. I met him a few times on my frequent trips to the gym and he straight away realised why I wasn’t gaining any weight. At first I wondered whether paying for a diet and exercise programme was the right thing for me as I still had the programmes left from my academy playing days. After talking with Keir and deciding I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own he knocked me up a programme to improve my speed and power. He also devised a diet programme for me which I did struggle to keep to at first, but I realised it was for the best so I did the hard work and saw results.

Since I received Keir’s help I have been signed by St Helens and played U20s and Reserves rugby. The switch between codes may not be the usual way round but for me it’s given me a new lease of life and I hope to break into the 1st team within the next few years. I’m now up to 15st and my speed has improved thanks to Keir’s help.

I can’t recommend him enough to anyone struggling to gain weight or just generally wants to see improvements in the body. His friendly and patient approach and his practise what he preaches attitude is easy to get on board with.

Big K is definitely the way forward!”


Fergus Mulchrone
London Irish

I first came across Keir at Rotherham RUFC where he introduced the team to a fantastic programme. There was an instant impact and it enabled my body to feel stronger and faster, as well as fresher on game day. The programme improved my running technique, flexibility, stability and I made making significant strides in the gym.

With the exercises given to us we were also imposed with Keir’s knowledge in nutrition and how the programme as a whole will benefit our bodies and in turn our performance on the pitch.

Okay, I want a piece of the action.
What does it cost?!

Here’s what you get for signing up as a member of the online coaching programme:

You can benefit from all of these features and join the long list of satisfied clients and players of Rugby Strength Coach for just £299.99 per 12 week block of coaching. Quite frankly, this is a steal! I’ve had my prices set higher at £399.99 per 12 weeks, but thanks to developing a more systematised approach in my programming, I now am able to handle a higher client load and offer you a significantly reduced membership fee. But trust me, it won’t be getting any lower than this!

Was £399.99
Now only £299.99

SIGN UP NOW! rugby-strength-coach-white-arrow-right-img

World class coaching and support for just a few pounds per day. I personally know of people who spend more than that on supplements every 12 weeks, with zero results to show for it! If you have any doubts, let’s measure up the Rugby Strength Coach Online Coaching programme to the usual suspects of competitors:

Gym membership

rugby-strength-coach-guy-membership-imgIf you go the gym only route, you can expect to be about as successful as those people who cut their own hair, do their own dentistry and repair their own car without any expertise. You might think you are saving money in the short term, but really you are just costing yourself a lot more time, money and frustration in either achieving sub-par results on spending forever trying to teach yourself.

The reality is that the gym has no interest in whether you succeed or fail in achieving that you have when you sign up. What they want is continued membership, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, most gyms make the bulk of their money from the members who don’t even show up!

Money back guarantee? Of course not. Las Vegas isn’t built on the tears of the winners, and gyms are not built on offering money back guarantees to the 90%+ of people who sign up and never come close to achieving their goals.

1:1 Personal training

Personal training is a decent step up from the gym only approach in that a PT may be able to provide you with knowledge, motivation and support than the gym cannot offer. MAY be able to- unfortunately it only takes 6 weeks to become a “qualified” personal trainer.

If you want to go this route, I wish you luck in finding a good experienced trainer amongst the army of opportunist morons that plague the industry. I wish you even more luck in finding one with a proven track record of working with rugby athletes, that will offer you round the clock support and a money back guarantee.

And all of this is without getting into the single biggest obstacle of all- price. Because of the one to one nature of personal training, you will pay a minimum of £50 per hour you spend with your trainer. Toss in another hundred or so per month in nutrition programming. Maybe another hundred for round the clock support, and sooner or later you’re looking at a couple of THOUSAND pounds for 12 weeks training that even comes close to the quality of Rugby Strength Coach. Expensive, no?

Rugby Strength Coach- the smart choice

rugby-strength-coach-money-back-guarantee-imgWith the Rugby Strength Coach Online Coaching programme you’ll get access to the quality of coaching and support that you just cannot find at a gym or regular personal trainer, and at just a fraction of the price, whilst saving you a ton of time, money and frustration.
And I am so confident in the quality of the programme, I will give you back every penny of your money if you aren’t completely satisfied.

To apply to become a member of the Rugby Strength Coach Online Coaching programme, click on the button below. Let’s organise a Skype consult and start on your journey to dramatically enhanced rugby performance. I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that the minimum commitment for online coaching is 12 weeks and spots are limited to only 10 clients at one time. These spots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Yours in fitness,

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. Your programme will be sent to you
electronically within 48 hours of your consultation. For refunds or cancellations please contact service@rugbystrengthcoach.com.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT! rugby-strength-coach-white-arrow-right-img




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